It is now so much easier to become social than ever over the internet and people are more likely to use internet as their communication media these days. Social network or online community helps people to interact with their friends and family. This is the way you can meet new people, make friends, share your thoughts, and get updates from your friends, regardless of political, economical, or geographical border. Mobile community is a recent addition to this system. With a mobile community site you can connect your friends even if you are on the go.
Like rest of the world, people from Bangladesh are also prone to use mobile community site to connect with their friends. Since its inception a good number of mobile community sites have grown over time. Among them, is one of the leading mobile community sites in Bangladesh. From our inauguration, 2006, we have faced many ups and downs but we still hold our top position. Our excellence to this journey lies in our friendly environment, user-friendly interface and our commitment to ensure the bond between you and your friends. To make your relationship stronger we have an integrated chatting system to get in touch with your friends, thousands of topics to share your thoughts, hundreds of graphical emoticons to express yourself with ease, an option to write short blog to make your ideas available to others, and a lot of much more features to be thrilled with. We propose you to have a look on our basic features below.
Discuss any topics
In the forum section you can discuss your favorite topics with your friends to get idea. How? Just post a topic in the forum with your thoughts and see how your friends share their opinions. Topic discussion is one of the easiest ways to share your ideas and to know what your friends think.
Chatting instantly
You may already know that chatting is the best method to communicate instantly. We designed an integrated chatting system especially for you to convey your message to your friends right away.
Messaging won’t cost anymore
Sending messages will not cost you anymore. Our integrated messaging system (popularly known as PM) will give you the freedom of sending messages to your friends more frequently without any extra cost. Keep in touch with your friends more easily with this feature.
Write short blog
You can write short blogs to articulate your writings to everyone in forum. Though it is short, but at least, you have an option to express yourself, isn’t it?
Graphical emoticon
Graphic can express your mind hundred times better than any text do. You will have that opportunity in Celladda to use graphical emoticon to make your messages live. We have tried our best to add emoticon that best suits your mood.
Express your feelings by writing on your friend’s guestbook. It will help your friend to know about what you think for them.
Gift shop
Now you will be able to send lovely virtual gifts to your lovable one in exchange of plusses. Your friends would love to receive gifts from you and can send back some to you.
Browse from anywhere
After launching our xHTML version (for PC browsers), you can now connect to your friends from anywhere. No matter you are in home or outside. How? Celladda now support both mobile and PC browsers.
These are the sneak peak of our features. You will discover many surprises while browse Celladda. It’s you who can make our forum alive. We are too much excited and keenly waiting for you to join us.